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The photovoltaic ceramics are innovative products that allows you to create architecturally use   photovoltaic roofing and cladding of buildings with a unique aesthetic value.

The product replaces the traditional and standardized solar modules with a real coating energetically active.

Photovoltaic ceramic tile is a tile shaped device with different colors. It has a frame with upper edge and lower plan, where solar energy battery set can be put in. The frame is made of recycled materials, through low temperature compression processes. In order to increase heat dissipation capability of the tile, roof battens are used between the tile and the roof.

Photovoltaic ceramic tile can save the secondary installation and maintenance costs of the traditional roof PV modules. Also, it has capabilities to ensure the safety of buildings, such as fireproof, wear resistance, lightning protection, electric leak-proof, and wind resistance. Moreover, the tile can remain the aesthetics of the building, with no dust and moss on the surface.







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