Luxor Module

The 60-cell module is the large-size all-rounder among the
Luxor solar modules. Eco in this case means especially economical: The high wattage makes the module the ideal solution
for industrial scale equipments. From the open-field facilities,
through the tracking system, to the roof-mounted installation.
High-quality solar cell with highest efficiency at the best possible low light behaviour ensure the best energy output. And
this at plus tolerances of 0Wp to 6.49Wp.
Further high-end components: An especially durable plugin connection guarantees the best power contact under all
conditions, and the hollow-section frame made of anodised
aluminium and compatible with every assembly system, is
torsionally stiff and corrosion-free. Manufactured according
to German standards each Luxor solar module is marked by
a special level of durability and reliability.







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